Liverpool Dock

Our work - 26/11/2020

A flooded block of flats in Liverpool

Our relocation team were instructed to find alternative accommodation for occupiers of a flooded block of flats in Liverpool that had damaged electricity, gas and water supplies

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The Challenge

  • We received instructions late in the afternoon to assist with a block of flats in Liverpool that had 75 flats. The flood occurred at 10am and had knocked out the electricity, water and gas supplies to the block. 
  • The month was February and the Property Management Company could not provide an occupants list.

Our Solution

  • We attended site providing a communication conduit between Insurer and occupants advising that the occupants could not stay in the building during the night and that accommodation was being provided by us.  
  • We arranged for our hotel booking service to stay open to midnight and we successfully booked everyone into a hotel by 11.45pm. The following day we were able to communicate via text or email with all of the lessees and advise them of the progress. This shielded the Loss Adjuster and Property Management representative on site. They sorted out the lift engineers and utility companies and isolated the worst affected parts of the block.
  • The following day they had lift access from the ground floor to the central part of the building. They asked us to communicate and arrange for only specific people to return. This we arranged and at the same time cancelled the hotel accommodation.
  • The middle and final waves of returnees happened the following day and the relocation exercise was complete with a handful of people requiring longer-term accommodation, which we sourced and arranged within 7 days of the incident.

The Results

  • We were commended not only by the Property Management Company but also the Insurer on the speed and efficiency of the process we had adopted. This was then integrated into our CRM system so that the process is replicated on every major commercial POU claim. This immediately reduces leakage, claim mismanagement, loss of tenant to the landlord and reduces reputational damage to the Property Management Company.

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