Know Build to Rent & Private Rented Sector

The UK’s rental sector is growing at breakneck speed. By 2023, 1.3m new UK households will be renting and we’re already at record highs.

Throw into the mix, the £87.5bn investment being pumped in by the government, over the coming years into UK wide rental properties, and we have a heady mix and sure fire trend. We call this the rental revolution spanning both the private rented sector (PRS) and the newly emerged build to rent (BTR) market.  

We know what we’re talking about

We manage more than 40,000 homes across the UK - that’s more than any other property agent.  In the last two years alone, we’ve transacted more than £250m in BTR deals. Our five year track record of successful developments, securing rewarding transactions and managing high-quality properties puts us at the forefront of the rental revolution.

Full lifecycle offering 

Today, we are introducing our new operational platform. By knitting our services together we have developed a fresh approach to managing the full lifecycle of a rental property. 

From sourcing opportunities and developing assets right through to property management and sales, we serve the full rental space; developers, owners, investors and occupiers. 

This has taken some planning. We saw the rental revolution coming and have been quick to react. 

It’s all in the data

Our expertise stems from a firm bed of knowledge. Managing 40,000 UK-wide properties means we have market data across the spectrum, which we turn into insights for our clients. We can accurately advise on rental values, operational costs, customer demands, absorption rates and required amenity spaces. 

Our research teams generate unrivalled market-leading reports from our wealth of data. We know what occupiers want and how to generate high-performing assets that generate real returns. 

The UK’s BTR and PRS market is only going one way - to grow. Let us help you grow with it.