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Our work - 26/11/2020

The dog(s) on the tyne

We were instructed to find emergency accommodation for a recently widowed lady and two dogs in Newcastle following severe flooding

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The Challenge

  • We received instructions to assist with a policyholder that required emergency accommodation.
  • We were contacted by the Adjusters during the severe flood period to confirm that Mrs S required longer term accommodation as her property required a complete strip out and dryers to be installed to remove water that had become lodged in the under floor substrate of the house..
  • Mrs S had recently been widowed and was traumatised by this situation as well as the loss of personal effects that reminded her of her husband. She also had two Pekinese dogs that she showed at Crufts..
  • The local agents were deluged with applicants and faced with a shortage of properties, had suggested to Mrs S that she would have more luck if the dogs did not accompany her to the property. She contemplated this matter and had decided that it was best to put the dogs to sleep so that she could move on and obtain some order to her life.  Her friend heard of this decision and contacted us.

Our Solution

  • We immediately discussed the matter with Mrs S and found a property that took Mrs S and her valuable dogs. We also arranged with the Insurer to obtain furniture hire whilst they restored the Parker Knoll furniture that she had lovingly collected with Mr S.

The Results

  • She moved in to the rented property and stayed there for nine months before returning to her fully restored home complete with Parker Knoll furniture.

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