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Our work - 18/11/2020

The family, the dog, and the relocation challenge

Proving that the LSH Relocation Team, A3 Relocation, not only relocate people but pets too as they were instructed to find temporary accommodation for a family of five, with a dog

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The Challenge

  • Accommodation was required for two adults, three children, and a pet dog. The family’s primary requirement was that they needed to be as close to home due to the children’s school and college commitments. The customer had a driveway at their home, so off-street parking was necessary in the accommodation search. As well as this, the accommodation needed to have a garden and accept a dog. 

Our Solution

  • LSH’s relocation team received the instructions that accommodation needed to be booked for approximately three months for the family. The team contacted the customer at 6.15pm and within half an hour, short term accommodation was booked, pre-funded, and confirmed at a local hotel until the longer-term accommodation was ready for occupancy. 
  • Searches for more suitable long term accommodation were carried out and landlords who would be willing to accept a dog sought out. This resulted in the customer moving into a part-furnished property on a 6 month tenancy. The tenancy agreement and relevant paperwork was checked and approved, with funds transferred to the agent in advance to enable the occupation to proceed as planned. 
  • Three months later the LSH relocation team was notified that the family would be vacating. The team notified the agents and asked them to re-market the property. Furniture hired for the family was collected ASAP to avoid further cost. The deposit was returned to the Insurer in full as well as unused rent and furniture hire charges. 

The Results

  • The proactive response of the LSH relocation team enabled the family to have accommodation arranged within half an hour of instruction, reducing any further complications for them.
  • The thorough nature of the team’s approach to the longer-term property search ensured that the customer’s priorities were met in terms of the capacity to allow the dog and be in close proximity to the original home. 
  • Cost saving measures were also carried out and deposit returned to the insurer promptly. 

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