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News - 29/04/2021

LSH Surveyor becomes only 19th female Registered Law of the Property Act Receiver in UK

Lucy Garner-Currie, a Senior Surveyor in our Asset Advisory team has recently become a Registered Law of the Property Act Receiver (LPAR).

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Lucy Garner-Currie, a Senior Surveyor in our Asset Advisory team has recently become a Registered Law of the Property Act Receiver (LPAR) following successfully completing her assessments with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  Lucy becomes the second female registered property receiver at Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) and one of only 19 female LPAR’s in the UK. 

Lucy joined Lambert Smith Hampton’s Leeds office in 2013 as a secretary, then qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 2018 and has been acting as case manager for the Asset Advisory team and LPAR’s. In addition, Lucy specialises in both commercial and residential property both in her capacity as an RICS Registered Valuer and selling agent on behalf of Lenders and Insolvency Practitioners. 

Lucy Garner-Currie

(Above: Lucy Garner-Currie)

Lucy Garner-Currie, Senior Surveyor at Lambert Smith Hampton, commented: 

“I’m delighted and proud to have qualified to be accepted and recognised as a Fellow of The Non Administrative Receivers Association (FNARA). The last few years have been fantastic for my professional development and I’m looking forward to continuing my progression as part of the team at Lambert Smith Hampton. 

I’m grateful for the support my LSH colleagues have given to my career and I can’t wait to get involved in all the challenges this next chapter will bring. Enhancing LSH’s offer in the LPA Receivership sector will strengthen the services we provide to clients new and existing and open up a wealth of new opportunities.”

Nick Blackwell, Head of LPA Receiverships at Lambert Smith Hampton, added: 

“I have worked with Lucy for over 8 years and in this time she has been the ultimate professional with extreme dedication to both clients and developing her knowledge of the property insolvency sector. This is a great achievement for someone in only the early stages of their career and shows the diversity and opportunity at LSH to promote women in such roles, now having two LPA Receivers within the business.”

Alan Austin, National Head of Asset Advisory at Lambert Smith Hampton, said:

“For both myself and the whole Asset Advisory team we are incredibly proud of Lucy and her achievements over the last 6 years. Through her determination to self-develop and progress, she has become an essential person in our national team and I look forward to continuing to see her, and her career, progress over the coming years.”

Jon Anderson, Head of Leeds Office at Lambert Smith Hampton, commented: 

“In the 5 or 6 years that I’ve known Lucy, she has come from a support role to a chartered surveyor and now this! It is an amazing achievement and one she should be very proud of.”

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