Industrial Market Review

Cambridge industrial and logistics market review H2 2014

The industrial and logistics market in Cambridge and its subregion saw total take-up in 2014 more than doubling when compared with 2013. Availability is continuing to fall however and with limited speculative development being seen, this trend can be expected to continue throughout 2015.

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In this issue:

Take-up is on the rise

  • In 2014, total take-up reached 1,360,177 sq ft, a 113 per cent increase on the total take-up seen in 2013.
  • Whilst take-up increased significantly compared with previous years, the sale of the CDC Building at Sawston (275,000 sq ft) and six mid box units were huge contributing factors totalling 634,120 sq ft.
  • In 2014, there was a total of 134 deals, 24 more than in 2013.

Mid-box market proves popular

  • Our Industrial & Logistics Market 2014 report predicted that the mid box market (50,000 sq ft to 99,999 sq ft) would become increasingly important and would grow in prominence. In Cambridge, 2014 saw the disposal of six mid box units compared with a total of four deals in the previous three years combined.
  • Units of 10,000 sq ft or less accounted for 80 per cent of the take-up.
  • Transactions between 2,000 sq ft and 5,000 sq ft accounted for 50 per cent of all the deals.

Struggling to keep up with demand

  • The actual availability at the end of 2014 was 1,137,318 sq ft. 
  • Average availability in 2014 stood at 1,228,820 sq ft, which is 25 per cent less than that seen in 2013 and is a result of limited speculative development.
  • Poor quality second hand stock accounts for 60 per cent of the availability, and there are no units available over 100,000 sq ft and only four mid box units currently available.

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