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News - 04/06/2018

Planning for Prosperity in Swansea

Two recent developments reveal ambitions for Swansea, as well as providing insight into how opportunities could transform our city.

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Swansea University won a European Commission grant to lead an international team of scientists working on a project to prevent the use of animal testing in nanotechnology.

Separately, construction work has begun on the Kingsway, the first step to a digital village.

So, it seems that Swansea University’s second campus is living up to its promise and attracting world-class research projects. The hope is that, in time, companies will set up to exploit any commercial applications that lab-based research discovers and develops.

That was the hope for our ‘knowledge economy’ and whilst there is every reason to believe that Swansea University will make significant scientific and engineering breakthroughs, and so it is only right that we plan for enterprise to be accommodated,

Because while the city’s booming student population is driving planning applications for student accommodation – with around 2,500 beds currently in the pipeline – office supply is struggling and quality space is severely limited.

That is hardly surprising as there has been little development in the city in the last 15 years. With under 210,000 sq ft available, that equates to only two years of supply.

It is abundantly clear that we need to focus how we can house the ambitions of businesses and employers.

Cardiff has shown what is possible. Central Square was a speculative development, facilitated by Cardiff Council, and it acted as a catalyst for the whole city.

It is only right that our Council is seeking to regenerate our city landscape and anchor future prosperity.

Offering opportunities for the development of a landmark commercial space, fit for the pioneering tech, biomedical and engineering businesses of the 21st century will be critical if a brighter, enterprise-driven future is to be realised. 


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