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News - 01/04/2015

Successful planning appeal for new housing in Cheshire

Proposals for 30-home scheme in Cheshire have been given the go-ahead after a successful appeal to the Planning Inspector by LSH.

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Following the appeal, outline planning permission has been granted for up to 30 new homes on 1.6 ha of undeveloped land in Nether Peover, Cheshire.

Benefits of new housing provision

LSH worked with landowners to manage the complex process as well as coordinating a team of consultants to submit the initial planning application and the following planning appeal. The proposals were rigorously tested through a Public Inquiry which concluded that the benefits of new housing provision in the area were valid.

The planning system - barrier to housing delivery

Richard Moffat, Director of Planning and Development for LSH in Manchester, said: “This is a very positive step forward for the delivery of new homes and will help meet the required need for housing in this part of Cheshire.

“However, the fact that this case had to go to appeal at all supports the findings of our recent residential development sentiment survey; that planning is perceive as the biggest barrier to the delivery of housing. The planning system was seen to be challenging, time consuming and costly. Opposition from local communities was also cited as a major concern.

 “We are seeing a rise in the market and more housing being delivered. Access to finance has improved dramatically.  However, not enough is being done to ensure that national planning guidance is being adhered to locally to support the delivery of new and affordable homes to meet housing needs.”

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