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News - 12/03/2015

South Bucks District Council Call for Sites 2015

South Bucks District Council is embarking on preparation of the Local Plan which will guide development in the district until 2036.

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The council is seeking views on what the Local Plan’s vision should be, the issues it should address, challenges and opportunities it presents, and how needs for housing and employment can be met.

There is a range of background work required to inform the plan including urban capacity work, assessing the contribution that could come from previously developed land, analysis of policy restraint and infrastructure needs.

At this early stage the council indicates that they will need to test options for development including:

  • Making more efficient use of land including increasing building heights or densities and relocating open space uses to the Green Belt to open up development opportunities in the urban area
  • Conversion of land, such as employment land, to residential or other uses
  • Urban extensions to the main settlements of Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Burnham, and to secondary settlements
  • Extensions to other settlements including a review of those in the Green Belt

The council is also running a parallel Call for Sites, which is an opportunity for those with land interests to put forward sites for consideration to the council for development or redevelopment.

Matthew Wood, Director – Planning and Development, at Lambert Smith Hampton commented: “There is a chance for landowners to be involved right from the start of the Local Plan process. It is an opportunity to comment on the key issues that the plan could influence such as the availability of housing and employment land. The Call for Sites allows for the identification of land to the council as being potentially suitable for development, redevelopment and alternative use. Given the levels of policy constraint in the district, alternative use of buildings and land that relate well to existing services and amenities in urban areas is something that the council identifies will be considered.

“Public bodies responsible for service delivery would be well advised to review their assets. Explicit land use allocations may be required to deliver services into the future and engagement in the planning process can add value by realising capital receipts which can be used to cross fund service delivery.”

Further detail on the two consultations can be found on the South Bucks District Council website.

Comments on the consultation and the Call for Sites need to be made by 5pm on 24th April 2015.



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