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News - 02/10/2014

Landowners have chance to influence development in Exeter

Landowners and developers have the chance to guide the development process in Exeter before formal consultations are launched.

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Exeter City Council is preparing its ‘Development Delivery’ development plan document, a key planning document that will not only allocate land for new types of development but will also cite a range of policies relevant to planning applications.

Residents and businesses had their say on the draft development delivery document earlier this year.

However, after considering the comments made, the authority is moving to the next stage – a pre-submission consultation document should also be subject to its own consultation process. This will start in November.

Marcus Plaw, planning director at LSH’s Bristol office, said the importance of the council's development delivery document could not be overstated.

“This is a key document for landowners, developers, the public and other stakeholders and it is entering an important stage in its preparation,” he said.

“The development delivery document must be considered sound for it to pass independent scrutiny in the future.  That means the land it seeks to allocate and the policies within it must be tested as to whether they are based upon robust evidence, the most appropriate strategy, deliverability and consistency with national policy.”

Having a pre-submission consultation process gives landowners and developers another opportunity to open discussions with the council’s planners.

“Exeter City Council's planners are keen to discuss development opportunities and proposals with landowners and developers and we would encourage this to take place now in advance of the next consultation,” he said.

“Early discussions could determine what level of future involvement a landowner or developer wants to have in influencing the Development Delivery Document's content.  Once adopted, this Development Plan Document will form part of the council's local plan and will influence city planning and economic growth for many years to come."

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