Research - 16/08/2018

Build to Rent report: demand hotspots revealed

The UK’s Build to Rent sector has risen to prominence over the past three years. As investors increasingly look for opportunities beyond London, which parts of the UK are ripe for the next phase of Build to Rent development?

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In our inaugural research report on the Build to Rent sector, we have analysed current supply and demand prospects across the UK’s 250 most populous towns and cities outside London to identify the next Build to Rent development hotspots, as well as addressing current trends and barriers to entry. 

Unsurprisingly, locations in the South East and East regions feature prominently in the rankings, accounting for eight of the top 15, with much of their performance drawn from their strong economic growth prospects, alongside affordability constraints. However, there is a notable disconnect between the top-ranked locations and the current and forthcoming supply.

Top 15 UK Build to Rent hotspots

  1. Brighton and Hove 
  2. Oxford 
  3. Reading 
  4. Cambridge 
  5. Bristol 
  6. Southampton 
  7. Manchester 
  8. Slough 
  9. Bournemouth 
  10. Edinburgh 
  11. Cardiff 
  12. Guildford 
  13. Watford 
  14. Bath and North East Somerset 
  15. Aberdeen

>> Download a copy of the report. 

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