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News - 30/11/2022

Call for Sites - Newcastle Local Plan Update

In preparation for economic changes, Newcastle City Council are to review the needs of their local sites for more efficient use.

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Newcastle City Council are currently consulting on a ‘Call for Sites’, as part of their evidence-gathering process to update their Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (‘HELAA’).

Each site submitted will be individually assessed for housing, employment, or other uses, as per the relevant submission. The methodology against which sites are assessed includes the suitability, availability, and achievability of the site for the proposed use.

This is an opportunity for you to put forward any new development sites, or continue to promote an existing allocation or identification, to establish whether Newcastle City Council are likely to support the principle of development proposed for your site, or the potential to promote it for inclusion in a possible future Local Plan review.

By submitting your site for assessment, through the HELAA process, Newcastle City Council can understand their land availability across the city. You can demonstrate the availability of your site to understand whether it can help meet the future development needs of the city, and whether it is likely to be a favourable development site in a future Local Plan Review.

The Council welcomes all submissions, through their consultation portal. The consultation opens on 9th November 2022 and runs until 18th January 2023.

Our team can help draft a comprehensive representation and demonstrate to the Council how your site is suitable, available, achievable, and deliverable.

We are also able to assess any on-site or surrounding planning constraints and consider whether it meets current planning policy objectives.

If you would like our advice on how to best present your site considering the HELAA methodology, please contact us to discuss further.

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