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News - 21/10/2019

LSH Property Management scoops Green Apple Award

Commercial Property Management team wins prestigious award for environmental best practice

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LSH’s Commercial Property Management team has won a prestigious Green Apple Award for innovative environmental best practice within its managed portfolio.

Judges were impressed by the scope of environmental and sustainability related improvements introduced by the LSH Property Management team at Centenary House in Greater Manchester, which were implemented to minimise energy wastage and deliver cost savings to the building’s occupiers. 

Measures included waste reduction and recycling initiatives, the provision of cycling facilities to promote sustainable transport, the installation of PIR technology to communal lighting and upgrading common area lighting to LED.

Another major initiative was the team’s implementation of 4D technology, a cutting-edge, low-cost building monitoring system which improves energy efficiency and reduces operation costs through the constant monitoring of plant and equipment.

By enabling real-time visibility of a building’s energy performance data, 4D Monitoring pinpoints exactly where energy wastage may be occurring, meaning operational issues can be resolved immediately and modifications made.

At Centenary House, installation of 4D is expected to generate energy savings of at least 83,000 kWh per year, while other benefits have included reduced service charge expenditure for the building’s occupiers, through the associated savings in utility costs. 

Commenting on the win, LSH Regional Facilities Manager for the North, David Allen said: “We are really proud and excited to win the Green Apple Award.  These Awards are internationally recognised for their work in recognising and promoting environmental best practice around the world, and this is great testament to our team’s success in delivering a highly positive, innovative programme of improvement for our client, without incurring huge capital outlay.”

“Through the implementation of innovative technology like 4D, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and cost reduction to our clients and occupiers alike, and its value cannot be ignored; it has huge potential to improve the management of commercial property, enhance supplier management, and reduce costs, not to mention the substantial benefits of reducing a commercial building’s energy usage on a significant scale. As more businesses work towards the governments’ target of zero carbon emissions, using this type of technology really is the smart solution.”

It’s not the first time that LSH’s commercial property management team has picked up an award for its innovative practices.  Last year, LSH won the Premises & Facilities Management award (PFM) for ‘Partners in Energy Management’, for its collaboration with 4D Monitoring across 27 multi-let commercial sites in London.  The partnership generated a 10-30% reduction in energy spend across each site in just 9 months.   Read more here [insert link to PFM win here}

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