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News - 24/06/2016

Britain votes to leave the EU

Commercial property consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton argues that while the country’s decision to leave the EU is not what a lot of the property industry will have wanted, changing markets provide considerable scope for opportunities for investors and developers.

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Ezra Nahome, CEO of Lambert Smith Hampton, said: "It's a new dawn. Brexit is not what a lot of investors and developers will have wanted.  However, while it's true that markets dislike uncertainty - just look at how much quieter the last few months have been - history tells us that changing markets provide opportunity.

"As politicians figure out what the consequences are, the lack of an obvious market consensus in the short term presents opportunities for those who know where to look.  We saw it during the financial crisis a few years ago, when smart investors spotted undervalued assets and then benefited from strong returns as the rest of the market caught up.

"For anyone looking to take advantage of the opportunities that Brexit will inevitably present, I'd encourage you not to skimp on good due diligence or market insight.  Knowing your market will be more important than ever, and Lambert Smith Hampton is brilliantly positioned to help with that."


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