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News - 23/10/2015

LSH leads inaugural Northern Powerhouse conference

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Lambert Smith Hampton is pleased to announce its headline sponsorship of the UK Northern Powerhouse Conference and Exhibition 2016.

The conference, which aims to showcase the commercial potential of the North of England in the global market, will take place over two days from 25-26 February 2016.

Untapped potential

Richard Corby, spokesperson for LSH's Northern Powerhouse team, said: “We’re really excited to be involved in this conference. It’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how important an initiative the Northern Powerhouse is for the UK economy and the potential benefits it could bring to the region.

“The success of the initiative will depend on how easily the region is able to maximise the opportunities in the market. This event will help businesses to work more collaboratively and grow the Powerhouse over the coming years.”

The Northern Powerhouse initiative has been a key focus for LSH in recent months, having expanded its team across the region, moving to new offices in Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle and the acquisitions of ES Group and Tushingham Moore earlier this year. It now has the largest agency footprint across the five core Northern Powerhouse cities.

Ezra Nahome, CEO of LSH, said: “We have long championed the UK regions and see considerable untapped potential across the North of England.  The move towards greater devolution of power to regional government will help to unlock some of these opportunities, and is something that we as a business are monitoring very closely through our Enterprise Award.

“We all stand to benefit from a true Northern Powerhouse, and we’re proud to demonstrate our belief and support in the region by continuing to invest and grow our presence in it.”

A research-led approach

LSH is also set to publish its inaugural Northern Powerhouse Office Report next month, which will examine the dominant property trends across the region in the past 12 months and how the devolution agenda can be harnessed to encourage further investment in the North of England.

UK Northern Powerhouse International Conference & Exhibition Co-organiser, Keith Griffiths, said: “We are extremely pleased to receive the support of Lambert Smith Hampton as our headline sponsor.

“Lambert Smith Hampton understands the huge commercial potential of the North of England in the global market and how important this inaugural conference will be to help businesses to work more collaboratively to build the Northern Powerhouse.”

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