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News - 20/01/2015

Is your property prepared for the winter?

Health and safety is something that cannot be compromised on and your property must provide a safe and secure environment for your occupiers and visitors.

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With this week seeing some of the coldest temperatures of the winter so far, and snow and icy conditions expected throughout this week, it is particularly important that measures are put in place to mitigate and manage the potential risks that extreme weather can cause.

With this in mind, Betsy Wong, Director – Property Management, and her team have given their five top tips to ensure that your commercial property is able to stand up against extreme weather conditions this winter.

  1. Grit communal areas early in the morning (pavements, car parks, entrances to buildings, emergency exits and steps) and ensure that slip mats are placed in reception areas.
  2. Ensure boilers are serviced so that when the weather turns cold the heating will be able to cope.
  3. Keep roof edges, particularly those that overhang public pavements, free from snow as when snow collects it becomes heavy and can potentially cause damage to the building.
  4. Check exterior and interior pipes as they are more likely to burst and cause floods in cold weather. Inside pipes can be protected by using insulation and outside ones with frost protection.
  5. If your property is vacant, make regular inspections throughout the winter so that any issues can be quickly resolved.


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