Historic Audit (RatePal)

The business rates billing process is extremely complex, with multiple factors affecting your final demand statement.

Unfortunately, mistakes often go unnoticed and can lead to significant historical overpayments.

RatePal is our dedicated business rates audit solution, which maps your individual property details against market leading audit software, external data sources and in-house systems.

Applying specific algorithms and utilising our detailed knowledge of the latest business rates legislation we are able to:

  • Conduct a forensic audit of historical business rates payments (including properties you no longer occupy) to identify inaccuracies and potential opportunities for savings
  • Challenge and process the correction of errors across multiple rating lists and Billing Authority records
  • Negotiate refunds and recover overpayments, including interest where appropriate, in a timely and cost effective manner

Using this process reduces the need for you to supply large volumes of data as we don’t audit what you paid but how changes to liability are applied and are calculated.

For more information, download our Rates Management and Audit information sheet.

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