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Empty property rates – the background

Since 1 April 2008, ratepayers across England and Wales have been liable for full business rates once their property has been empty and unused for three months (six months for industrial premises).

Various relief schemes, such as the empty retail relief scheme and the new build empty property relief scheme, have been in place to reduce the burden since 2013. However, in his 2015 Autumn Statement, the Chancellor failed to extend them beyond their current deadlines.

Recent case law has also overturned a historic rating hypothesis which allowed ratepayers exemptions or reductions in their empty rates liability when carrying out building improvement or refurbishment works, placing an increasing, and unbudgeted, financial burden on landlords.

Tried and tested mitigation strategies to reduce your business rates bill

We’ve been at the forefront of campaigns to resist empty rates since its imposition and our specialist team follows the case law closely to ensure that any potential savings opportunities are maximised through our tried and tested mitigation service.

We are also well connected to charities and short-term tenants who will take occupation of buildings and absorb the empty rates liability.

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