Office Park Cambridge

Our work - 22/06/2023

Office Park, Cambridge: On-site renewable energy generation

We worked with our client at an office park in Cambridge to increase the amount of on-site renewable energy generation.

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  • 500kWp PV system across both car parks
  • 140 tonnes CO2 savings predicted in the 
    first year
  • 22 x 7kW electric vehicle chargers


Increase the amount of on-site renewable energy generation and EV chargers through solar carports with integrated EVCs.


The roof space was not suitable to host a larger PV system.


Instead of a roof mounted system we implemented a carport solution. This system involved a solar panel canopy over the car parking bays, and integrated EVCs powered directly from the panels. The remaining electricity generated is used to power the office buildings. This solution not only enabled us to install a larger PV system than would have been deliverable on the roofs, but also enabled us to deliver EVCs as part of the projects, which had been requested by 
the tenants.

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