Legal Support Services

Avoid the costs and complexities of court action by using our advice and input to solve property disputes faster. Our legal support services range from initial assessment of whether there is a case to be answered, to acting as expert witnesses, to arbitration and mediation in commercial property disputes.

We are highly experienced in all of these areas, with an impressive track record of successful resolution. You can choose what level of involvement you require – from advice, to negotiating on your behalf or acting as the arbitrator. We will not only provide you with the expert input you need, but also the benefit of our experience to help minimise the stress for you.

Assessment and overview

Before any action is taken, it’s important to ensure that there really is a case to answer or be answered. We can help resolve many disputes at this early stage: for example, our commercial and residential property valuation experts are frequently called upon to assess whether there is a legitimate case for negligence or to decide if a defence can be mounted.

Negotiated settlement

Our experts can help you negotiate a settlement to a commercial property dispute, or support your legal team in their negotiations.

Expert witness for commercial property disputes

If negotiations are unsuccessful, and your commercial property dispute goes to court or tribunal, expert witness reports are typically required to help reach a decision. Our senior staff have both experience and training in appearing before the courts, and other tribunals to give such evidence – clearly, concisely and impartially. They can also act as Joint Sole Expert in smaller disputes (particularly in matrimonial law).


Arbitration is becoming an increasingly popular approach to dispute resolution as it saves time and money compared to court hearings. Landlord and tenant disputes – such as rent review and service charge disputes – are commonly resolved this way. We have a substantial pool of RICS listed Arbitrators and Independent Experts to help in this field.


Mediation is arguably the most commonly used form of alternative dispute resolution.  Our specialist property mediators have a wealth of practical experience in disputes as diverse as negligence, boundary disputes and restrictive covenants.

how can we help?

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