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Treating occupiers as customers

Our commercial property management service provides a platform for out-performance for our clients.  We manage a number of UK property funds that are consistently in the top quartile for performance. Find out more about our clients and our work.

We do this by treating each of our 20,000 occupiers as customers.  Through our close proximity to your properties and your occupiers, we are able to outperform the market in occupier retention and reduce the risk profile of your commercial property portfolio. Read more on our approach to commercial property management.

We produce regular research and viewpoints on best practice in commercial property management to keep our clients up to date. Explore “Asset Class” for our views on asset management. 

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Strategic property management of UK portfolio - IVG UK Ltd
  • Core property management across IVG’s 1.7m sq ft UK office portfolio
  • Series of strategic management initiatives implemented
  • Occupancy rate increased from 12% to 88% at No. 1 Leeds

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Tips and guides

Treat your occupiers as customers

The importance of managing income, both retaining the income and enhancing the income, is at the heart of good asset management. A close relationship with your occupiers will flag opportunities to enhance the income or extend its duration through lease re-gearing, or buying out tenant break options.

Read more about ways asset managers can maximise value

Seek our alternative income streams

It is important to scrutinise assets for income generation opportunities. These can include: revenues from advertising companies to erect hoardings or digital displays; from telecoms companies to site masts, or consider the Government subsidies for generating renewable energy through the Renewable Heat Incentive or Feed – In Tariff. Find out more about our telecoms advisory service

Be aware of new legislation

Consider one legislation change - the implications of the Energy Act 2011. As currently drafted, the act has far reaching implications for F & G rated property come 2018. Assuming the intent is to hold the asset, decisions need be made about capital expenditure to improve the asset to a better energy rated category or seek to put in place a long term lease at (no doubt) a concessionary rent to postpone the problem.

Find out more about our energy act consultancy services

Review your planning position

As the locational dynamics of a property change make sure you review the planning position of your asset and seek to obtain changes of use consistent with the demand profile of the occupier base. Find out more about our planning and development services

Acquisitions, disposals and lettings

The key driver of returns from commercial real estate is rental income from your occupiers.  We can help locate potential occupiers for voids in your managed portfolio.

We have one of the most active occupational agency teams in the UK. Find out more about our agency expertise

Investment acquisitions

The ability to spot value upon purchase and maximise value at sale is vital to success for commercial property investors.

Our investment team are experts in both core and secondary commercial property markets and can advise you upon how to shape your managed portfolio. Find out more about our investment acquisition services

Building consultancy

All managed portfolios require a detailed understanding of the current condition of the property, an appreciation of costs associated with holding the building and the impact of tenant alteration proposals.

We provide a comprehensive building consultancy service including structural surveys / identification of capital allowances at purchase, preparing and implementing planned preventative maintenance schedules and providing dilapidations consultancy advice upon lease expiry. Find out more about our building consultancy services

Business rates

Our business rates team carries out commercial property portfolio reviews to ensure our investor clients and their occupiers benefit from the lowest busines rates. Find out more about our business rates services

News, research and views

News and research

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