Rent reviews

Rent reviews are pivotal events: for investors, they can protect income flow; for tenants, they can help mitigate overheads. 

Whether you’re an owner or an occupier, our rent review service will work to give you the best possible outcome, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Property intelligence: putting market data at your service

Market data is vitally important to a rent review. It’s only by having access to the best market information that you’ll be able to achieve the best possible outcome. 
Our national property database of market transactions gives our clients access to lease data from across the UK, covering around 70% of office and industrial property markets. 

As we have the best commercial property market data, we can provide you with accurate information early in the rent review process, helping you with your budgeting and mitigating the risk of a nasty surprise during the negotiations.

Experienced in analysing the detail

We’ll advise you early to ensure that the review goes as smoothly as possible.

Our dedicated team is experienced in spotting issues such as:

  • Is time of the essence?
  • Are there any notice periods of which you need to be aware?
  • Are there any onerous clauses that could equal an opportunity? 

We won’t miss an opportunity or fall into a trap. We understand the concerns and negotiation strategies of both parties and will use this insight to deliver the best possible result for your rent review, whether you’re a landlord or an occupier.

Expert witness: because an negotiated outcome is not always possible

We always aim for a negotiated settlement as this is usually the most cost-effective approach. However, this is not always possible.

This is why we are also ready and able to act as expert witnesses in rent reviews. You can be confident that we will advise you on the best route to the best settlement.  However, if the rent review has to be decided by an expert determination or arbitration, we have the experience to deliver the best and most cost-effective outcome for you.

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