Our dilapidations service helps you minimise the costs and hassles of dilapidation claims. It also makes it simpler for you to break or renegotiate a lease.

Dilapidation claims cost businesses millions of pounds a year as well as consuming vast amounts of staff time. They typically occur when a landlord believes an organisation is in breach of its obligations – set out in the lease – to repair, redecorate or reinstate the property.

Claims can be made during a lease term, but in general, they occur when you’re looking to break or renegotiate a lease – potentially increasing your costs and delaying the process.

Dilapidations advice from the experts

Our expert dilapidations service helps you to understand your potential dilapidations liabilities before you serve a lease break or begin renegotiations. We then work with you to develop a strategy to manage risk and minimise your dilapidations liabilities. We will also negotiate on your behalf.

Our dilapidations experts are market leaders in their field, dealing with over 2,000 cases each year and settling over 40 claims per week. With a deep understanding of commercial lease agreements, we typically reduce tenant liabilities by 40%-50%+ each year. For example, we successfully managed the exercising of a conditional lease break on behalf of a major IT company, mitigating a dilapidations liability in excess of £20m. We also act for landlords to maximise recovery of costs – for example, in two cases in 2012 we recovered over £500,000 in loss of rent charges.

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