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To Let
Offices, Manchester City Centre, M2

Windmill Green
24 Mount Street
Manchester City Centre
M2 3NN

Reference 2017699

Type Offices

Tenure Leasehold

SizeFrom 9,957 sq ft (925 sq m) to 60,998 sq ft (5,667 sq m)

Rent Available on Application

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Josh Levy
Josh Levy
Director - Office Advisory

0161 242 7061


•Welcome to a place called Windmill Green - a bright green hub of energy in the beating heart of Manchester. Ours is a new community of fired up businesses that love collaborating and want to energise and inspire their staff. Windmill Green will be a new sort of workplace. It will bring a new creative energy to Manchester and inspire collaboration, co-working and community. It will be the sort of place where impulsive conversations occur and roof terrace chats take people's thinking somewhere new.

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