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    To Let
    General Retail, Withington, M20

    494 Wilmslow Road
    Manchester - South

    M20 3FU

    Reference 64850

    Type General Retail

    Tenure Leasehold

    Size2,670 sq ft (248 sq m)

    Rent £20.60 per sq ft (£221.74 per sq m)

    Annual Rent £55,000

    Contact LSH Surveyor

    Talia Chadwick
    Surveyor - Retail Agency

    0161 242 8054


    •The property will comprise a newly built ground floor retail unit located directly below 23 one and 2 two bed residential flats. The proposed unit benefits from A1/A2 planning consent, however, we understand uses with A3 would be considered.


    We understand completion of the overall development is expected in October 2017 with completion of the ground floor retail unit expected in February 2017.

    Ground Floor2670.00 Sq FtTo Let

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