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AVG PER SQ FT Jan 2024 Average price per sq ft for property Local Authority LSH Research, Property Data
Jan 2024 Maximum and minimum average price per sq ft of postcode sectors within local authority  Local Authority LSH Research, Property Data
AVG PROPERTY Q4 2023  Average transaction price for property Local Authority/Council  Land Registry, Ulster University
AVG PROPERTY PRICE 12 MONTH CHANGE Q4 2022-Q4 2023 12 month % change in average transaction price for property Local Authority/Council LSH Research
INCOME PRICE RATIO 2023 Ratio of median house price (existing dwellings) to median gross annual (where available) residence-based earnings Local Authority ONS 


Average UK residential property prices fell by 1.4% in 2023, reflecting the impact of rising interest rates on borrowing and a more challenging economic environment generally. The fall was however slightly less marked in the second half of the year, with average prices falling by 0.6% in H2, compared with a fall of 0.8% in H1.

Greater London was the main drag on growth in H2, with average residential property prices falling by 2.8% over the period. Despite this, the capital nonetheless remains by far the most expensive area of the UK, with average values equating to £760 per sq ft. This is 85% higher than the average for the South East, the second most expensive region of the UK.

Beyond Greater London and the UK’s southernmost regions, average values are relatively uniform across the other regions of the UK. The North East is home to the lowest average values, reflecting £171 per sq ft, while prices in Wales, Yorkshire and The Humber, the North West and Midlands are within a relatively tight range of £214 to £262 per sq ft.

At a more local level, many parts of the UK bucked the wider trend and recorded a degree of price growth during in H2 2023. Some of the most significant price increases over the period were apparent in relatively rural parts of the UK. Rossendale, in the North West, was the strongest performer among the UK’s 360 districts, recording price growth of 11%.

At the other end of the scale, some of London’s most expensive districts appeared especially sensitive to the higher interest rate environment and saw the sharpest price falls in H2, most notably the City of London, where average prices fell by a colossal 19%.

House Price Growth 

Unsurprisingly, London has the highest property price to income ratio, averaging 12.5, with Camden as the district with the highest ratio of 19.4. In contrast, the North West demonstrates a much more favourable level of affordability, with a regional price to income average ratio of 6.3. Burnley shows the lowest ratio of anywhere in the UK, standing at 3.5.


The spread of residential values within the UK regions is tightest in the North East, with the most expensive district of North Tyneside (£211 per sq ft) commanding a modest 51% premium over the region’s least expensive district of Hartlepool (£140 per sq ft). The second lowest intra-regional variation between districts is in the South West, where the average price spread is 57% between the most expensive and least expensive districts, namely Bristol and Plymouth respectively.

Conversely, and beyond the extremes associated with Greater London, the East of England exhibits the highest regional spread in average pricing between its constituent districts, standing at 169%. This is likely due to significant variability in commutability with central London, with The East region’s most expensive district of St Albans (£620 per sq ft) being far better connected with major population centres than the least expensive area of Fenland (£231 per sq ft).

Regional and intra-regional range in residential values

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