Residential sales value portal

Welcome to Lambert Smith Hampton’s Residential Sales Values Portal (RSVP), your visual guide to the latest residential property market values across the UK. The map utilises a variety of statistics to illustrate key residential pricing indices at the local authority level. Simply click on map below to assess residential values, property prices and prevailing affordability levels across the UK.

Note: if map values are not being displayed, please delete cache from your browser

AVG PER SQ FT  2020/21  Average price per sq ft for property  Local Authority – England and Wales only  LSH Research, Property Data
 AVG PER SQ FT LOCAL AUTHORITY RANGE  2020/21  Maximum and minimum average price per sq ft of postcode sectors within local authority   Local Authority – England and Wales only  LSH Research, Property Data
 AVG PROPERTY  Q2 2021  Average transaction price for property  Local Authority/Council   Land Registry, Ulster University
 AVG PROPERTY PRICE 12 MONTH CHANGE  Q2 2021-Q2 2020 12 month % change in average transaction price for property  Local Authority/Council  LSH Research
 INCOME PRICE RATIO  2020/21 Ratio of median house price (existing dwellings) to median gross annual (where available) residence-based earnings  Local Authority – England and Wales only ONS 

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