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A note from Alan Austin, National Head of Asset Advisory...

In the words of George Michael and also William Wallace (or at least Mel Gibson’s version) we are starting to get back our Freedom. 

Although the most recent roadmap updates have put the brakes on slightly, there remains lots to look forward to and enjoy as we head into the summer period.

This means that whilst we have been able to continue our on-site work since June 20, we have also been able to get back out and see contacts and friends; hopefully we will be able to catch up with you in the coming weeks. Even better for these meetings, often held outdoors, the sun has started to shine.

Consistency amongst unpredictability

Since my last message, and our last newsletter, things have continued much as they had before.

During 2021 to date we have continued to see a steady flow of work both on our insolvency and restructuring side, across all asset classes, including property, inventory and P&M, and also business sales and auctions. Alongside this has been our Asset Based Lending (ABL) valuation work, which again has remained busy across all asset classes. So a big thank you to all our clients for the opportunities you have given us to support you and your clients.

Our auctions have continued to be successful with interest coming from around the world. The new Brexit conditions have come in, and in some cases this will result in increased paperwork and tariffs. We will see if that has any impact on sales values in the coming months. If we see any changes we will let you know.

Waiting on the insolvency market

Like everyone else in the insolvency market, we do still await to see the expected uptick in insolvency work, and you will all be fully aware that at the moment the overall insolvency market continues to be down year on year by c40-50%. In fact it is at a 32 year low, which for most people means the lowest in their working lifetimes. We will see in the coming months how UK PLC and UK businesses will fair when Government support packages start to come to a close. I still anticipate that this will see increased opportunities for all our clients across both the insolvency community but also the ABL lenders and advisors. Historically the other side of recessions has benefited ABL, and enabled them to demonstrate what a key component of recovery they can be.

At LSH Asset Advisory we stand ready to support, and give advice as required, to all our clients, as we look to grow our business. 

Our new hires

To be prepared for this, as you will see in our regional and specialist services updates, Michael Whitehead joined our ABL team in February, Andrew Jackson has joined our Midlands and North team in May to help strengthen both our insolvency and ABL offerings, Nigel Nattress joined our specialist property insolvency and LPA Receiver team in May and will help to grow our presence across the Northern Regions. In June, Hugh Dorins and Paul Goodacre also joined us. Hugh to work on property related valuations, insolvency and LPA appointments, on a National basis, and Paul as a P&M insolvency specialist in our London and South team.

Finally, I wish everyone a very busy, sunny and enjoyable Summer, and that the roadmap to normality gets back on plan.

Regional/Specialist Services Updates

London & South

The London & South team have had a strong start to the year with a number of significant online auction disposals and valuation assignments.

Read the full London & South update here

South West & Wales

The South West & Wales team have seen an increase in private / corporate auctions, whereby clients have been looking to turn their assets into cash, or have decided to retire, with current demand for good quality assets remaining high at present.

Read the full South West & Wales update here.

Midlands & North

The Midlands and North team continues to be active both in delivering a high quality service to our clients across a wide geographic and industrial base. 

Read the full Midlands & North update here

Property Debt Advisory

The property professionals have had a busy few months, providing advice across the UK on a large range of property types.

Read the full Property Debt Advisory update here.

Asset Based Lending (ABL)

The team have continued to be very busy on all aspects of Asset Based Lending (ABL) Valuations covering our full range of P&M, Real Estate, Inventory and Accounts Receivables.

Read the full Asset Based Lending update here

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