SKI 2018

Ski Challenge and Business Forum


The Lambert Smith Hampton Ski Challenge and Business Forum will bring together owners, occupiers, fund managers and managing directors from some of the largest property companies in the UK.

What happens in Courmayeur?

The Lambert Smith Hampton Ski Challenge started in 1987 as a small gathering of entrepreneurial surveyors and clients with a passion to ski and build business relationships. Since then it has developed into one of the commercial property industry’s top events.

Against a testing economic and political backdrop, this year's event provided the perfect forum for attendees to reflect on the challenges and opportunities within our industry while enjoying some fun and friendly competition on the slopes.

Four times Winter Olympian, Chemmy Alcott, returned to this year's event to provide expert tuition to all our guests. As the only British female skier to ever win a run in a World Cup, Chemmy is widely regarded as one of Britain's greatest ever skiers and we're delighted she is joining us again in 2018.

View photos from the 2018 Ski Challenge.

  • Programme
    • Monday 22 January

      08.00 - Free skiing time

      11.00 - Informal lunch hosted by Tony Fisher at Maison Vieille

      18.30 - Networking drinks and race briefing at Grand Hotel Royal e Golf

      19.30 - Gala Dinner at Grand Hotel Royal e Golf

    • Tuesday 23 January

      09.45 - Ski clinic with Chemmy Alcott and Monte Bianco Ski School at Le Greye, Piste 11

      11.45 - Ski and snowboard Giant Slalom at Le Greye, Piste 11

      12.30 - Mountain buffet lunch at Maison Vieille

      14.00 - Dual Parallel Slalom race at Tzaly, Piste 10

      18.00 - BBQ and après ski band at Grand Hotel Royal e Golf followed by prize giving ceremony

  • Race info
    • About the races

      Giant Slalom Race

      The course is set up on a red run, with circa 20 gates spread quite far apart down the slope.

      The idea is to ski around the single gates - red, blue, red, blue, etc.

      The closer you ski to the gates and follow the slope, the faster you go!

      But you can do this at your own pace. You can even snow plough down the course (or throw in extra turns between the gates!).

      Basic training and an introduction to skiing gates will be provided on the piste at 09.45am on Race Day and Chemmy will be giving you all lots of useful tips, with the support of local instructors from the ski school.

      You will be given a race bib at the welcome reception on the evening of the 22 January and this will be your start number.

      You will then need to be punctual at the start of the course for 11:45am. You only need to complete one run for a result but everyone will have the option of a second run if you want to try and improve or just get that buzz for a second time.


      Dual Parallel Slalom Team Race

      This is a team knock out event and a great spectator sport as well.

      This is a shorter course, where two courses, red and blue, are set up in parallel.

      Here the gates are poles and are much closer together down the slope, so you need to make more turns and not be distracted by the racer to your side!

      Again the more you hug the pole, the faster you will go.

      It is a simple head-to-head team relay so no timing is involved. The first team to cross the line goes through to the next round and it’s a knock out tournament format.

      The first member of each team starts at the same time, as soon as the first skier of the first team crosses the finish line the second skier sets off, then the third once the second reaches the finish line. The winning team is the one that finishes all three team runs first.

      There are then quarter finals, semi-finals and finals, to get to the winning team.


      Teams of three will be arranged by the LSH inviting hosts.

    • Race categories
      • Fastest Male
      • Fastest Female
      • Andy Tudor Fastest Snowboarder
      • Fastest Newcomer
      • Most Stylish Descent
      • Fastest LSH Descent
      • Fastest Guest Descent
      • Safest Descent
      • Most Distinctive Technique
      • Most Distinctive Outfit
      • Most Spectacular Wipeout
      • Fastest Men's Team
      • Fastest Mix Gender Team (min 1 female)
      • Fastest Women's Team
      • Dual Parallel Slalom Race Winners

    • Race rules

      General rules

      • Each team shall consist of three racers.
      • The fastest time of each team member’s two runs will be taken to give the team’s combined overall time.
      • Race results will be announced at the prize giving ceremony on Tuesday evening.
      • Races will be organised in accordance with the rules of the International Ski Federation. Any appeals must be filed with the organisers during or no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the race. The race coordinator’s decision will be final.
      • The Giant Slalom and Dual Parallel Slalom courses will be set out by the Courmayeur Race Office and racers participating in the programme understand that they ski the courses at their own risk.
      • For reasons of safety, the Courmayeur Race Office reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or move any of the race events, due to adverse weather or snow conditions.
      • Accident, medical and liability insurance is mandatory and is the individual racer’s responsibility. Momentum Mountain Management Ltd (trading as Momentum Ski) and Lambert Smith Hampton cannot and will not accept any responsibility for accidents or the consequences thereof during any of the events including in or around the racecourses.
      • Ski racing is a high-risk activity and it is mandatory for all competitors to wear a helmet.


      Giant Slalom rules

      • Declaration must be made in advance by any skier who has ever competed, registered, or earned any points in a FIS race.
      • Each racer must wear a race bib with the correct allocated number as given to them.
      • All bibs must be returned to the organisers at the finish paddock whether the holders raced or not.
      • The racecourse will be set up as a Giant Slalom.
      • Course inspection will finish at 11:45 am and the course will then be closed until the start of the race. Any skier entering any part of the course/race piste during this time will be disqualified.
      • Each skier will be accorded two runs.
      • Any racer late for their allocated start number may be disqualified from that particular run.
      • If a racer misses a gate then the run is declared null.
      • For all categories the fastest time of each racer’s two runs will be used to determine the results.


      Dual Parallel Team Slalom rules

      • All teams must register with the Momentum Ski race coordinator at the Buffet lunch at Maison Vieille, or at the top of the course before 13:30.
      • Teams will consist of three participants.
      • All complete teams must assemble at the top of the course ready to race by 13:45.
      • The dual parallel slalom is run on a head-to-head team relay; one run per round knock-out format with the winner of each heat progressing through to the next round.
      • The red or blue course is allocated on a toss of a coin.



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