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We are committed to improving and promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability across all aspects of the built environment.

Through responsible actions and behaviours, we work to make a positive contribution to the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the wider community and environment in which we work, live and play.

We actively assist, support and implement our clients’ own sustainability strategies by building strong partnerships with both clients and suppliers, protecting and enhancing the natural environment, and operating ethically to the highest standards. 

Strong community partnerships are nurtured by continually engaging with business and community groups, as well as charities and worthy causes local to the properties we manage. 

We understand the responsibility that we have as a company to minimise our environmental impact through our own activities and those on behalf of  our clients. This commitment is particularly pertinent to our property and facilities management offering given the operational lifecycle of a building uses most energy. To counter this, we integrate sustainable practices every step of the way from supplier appointment to energy procurement and community engagement. 

We have extensive capability and experience, spanning the following:

  • Strategy and Reporting - Monitoring the consumption of energy, water and waste in order to understand current performance, identify areas for improvement, measure the impact of initiatives and track progress against targets and benchmarks.

  • Net Zero Carbon Approach - Assisting clients to deliver on their Net Zero Carbon objectives at the portfolio and asset level throughout the building’s lifecycle.

  • Renewable Energy - Working alongside consultants to identify, deliver and manage renewable energy opportunities.

  • Property Audits - Understanding the current position of buildings, how they are operated and how their environmental performance could be improved.  

  • Low Carbon Transport - Implementing and managing schemes to promote low carbon transport to buildings, including improving infrastructure, installing additional facilities and engaging directly with tenants.

  • Health and Wellbeing - Supporting the health and wellbeing of tenants at our sites through improving indoor environmental conditions, introducing additional natural elements, promoting biodiversity and amongst other things encouraging an active lifestyle.

We are an active member of the Better Buildings Partnership and therefore at the forefront of sustainability management initiatives within the managing agents sector. Our sustainability solutions are core to our property management offering and are directly delivered by our trained teams and strategic consultant partners.

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