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Our work - 10/12/2014

A new 'hub and spoke' operating model

How should logistics providers react to the continued growth and development of internet retailing?

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We helped Hermes UK to adopt a new ‘hub and spoke’ operating model by securing over 750,000 sq ft of new space at several locations throughout the country.

A joined up approach

For example, we advised Hermes UK on the acquisition of a build to suit development of 153,000 sq ft for a new distribution hub at Omega Warrington. Our Capital Markets team then stepped in and introduced an investor to enable the deal to complete – one of many examples of how our joined up approach solves our clients’ complex problems.

Improvements all round

Our work has helped provide Hermes UK with a significant competitive advantage by reducing transportation costs, improving environmental performance and doubling its capacity to meet increasing levels of customer demand.