Energy Act consultancy

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, we can help you  understand the impact of the Energy Act 2011 on your property portfolio – and take the necessary steps to ensure you meet the new regulations introduced under the Act.

The Energy Act and your business

Under the Energy Act 2011, it will become unlawful, from April 2018, to let premises that fail to meet minimum energy efficiency standards (an EPC rating of E).

Before the Act comes into force, landlords and tenants alike need to understand which of their properties would fail to meet standards and what improvements would be required. That then enables you to effectively manage risk and make informed decisions about whether to invest, wait, or dispose of assets.

Our Energy Act consultancy services give you the insight you need to make such decisions.

Energy Act consultancy for landlords

Our Energy Act consultancy service for landlords includes:

  • Comprehensive portfolio appraisal – confirming which properties in your portfolio fail to meet the standards (EPC F and G rated properties) and which may be at risk in the future (D or E rated), as well as using cost effective solutions to identify whether any properties that do not have a current EPC are likely to
  • Improvement options, setting out the costs and benefits of different improvements
  • Engaging with tenants to support implementation of improvements
  • Valuation reviews to understand the potential impact on portfolio value and return
  • Lease advisory services, to clarify responsibilities and restrictions and understand which tenants are most likely to be affected

Following this initial appraisal and review, we can then help you implement an asset management strategy that mitigates the impact of the Energy Act on your business. Find out more about our asset management services

Energy Act consultancy for tenants

Our Energy Act consultancy service for tenants covers:

  • Portfolio or individual premise appraisal – helping you understand which of the properties you currently rent fail to meet the standards and why
  • Improvement options, setting out the costs and benefits to you of different improvements and facilitatingdiscussions with Landlords
  • Lease advisory, giving you a clear picture of your likely obligations and future restrictions – such as whether the Energy Act will limit your ability to sublet a building in the future
For more information on your obligations and our service, download our guide to the Energy Act

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