Rates Management

Administering business rates, identifying and implementing rate savings opportunities... it takes time and money.

Our Rates Management service calculates your business rates liability and manages the processing and payment of your business rates demands, leaving you free to manage your business.

Our systems draw upon validated historic information together with current live alterations and generate virtual demands. These are then used to verify every demand element on a revised assessment with very little manual intervention required. This is an important approach as a significant proportion are incorrectly calculated when true facts are known.

Client portfolio management

We use our in-house rates management system to actively manage your business rates portfolio. The information it generates allows us to audit and validate future valuation demands quickly and effectively.  

If your assessment changes, it can save you money but increase your administrative burden. We arrange to receive all demand correspondence from each billing authority direct. We’ll liaise with billing authorities and other external bodies on your behalf and update and monitor every change in your system portfolio.

All businesses operate and are managed differently. We tailor our service to meet your needs, from budget forecasting for your future liability to allocating by business, department or individual.

Full demand validation

Our in-house system combines validated historic information with current live alterations to generate a virtual demand. We use this to verify every demand element on a revised assessment and will resolve all queries with the billing authorities on your behalf.

Payment and refund management

We revise installment plans and issue you with revised payment schedules to help you manage your cash flow.

You validate all refunds from appeals or site specific opportunities before receipt. Where appropriate, we claim refund interest and ensure it is paid.

Tailored reporting and management information

We provide a historic data validation summary report so you can be sure that historic savings have been identified and refunded and your current liability is true and correct.

We can tailor our reporting to the format and frequency that suits you best.

For more information, download our Rates Management & Audit information sheet.

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