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Tannery manufacturing & processing, textiles machinery, engineering, factory & lab equipment, internal transport, stock, office furniture & motor vehicles etc

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Location: Yeovil, Somerset

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If you purchase a lot that requires Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS), we would like to make you aware that the RAMS will need to be completed and reviewed by an LSH representative prior to commencement of collection.

 Equipment to include:

(Subject to Availability)

Tannery Equipment

  • Cartigliano SV5 FF3 Nero 70-32 vacuum dryer (2021)
  • Cartigliano SV6A-CN9 70 x 32 vacuum dryer (2015)
  • Cartigliano CNT 70 30, vacuum dryer (2010)
  • Moscani Super Zenat Evolution 3.0 Wet Blue hide splitting machine (2021)
  • Alpe Matrix 33 Rasatrice whole hide shaving machine (2018)
  • Cartigliano TAICX5 Bovine through feed tunnel drying system (2006)
  • Linta SW150D A151 hide splitting machine(2003)
  • Gemati PAL 1500 shaving machine (1986 & 1987, 2-off)
  • Bergi Select 15 SM 1500 through feed buffing machine (2003, 2-off)
  • Bergi Selecta 32, 3200 1-3 buffing machine (2001)
  • Poletto shaving machines (6-off)
  • Bauce PRC 425 3200 Saming product infeed machine (2001)
  • Cartigliano PAL3H3400 AUT staking machines (2002)
  • CM RAL-M tanning rolling machine (2006)
  • Bergi SS 3100 088 Superstar through feed ironing & embossing press (2002)
  • Gemata Jumbostar 3400/3 finishing & spreading machine (2003)
  • Cartigliano Syncro PAL 2BJ SR color & mordant machine 
  • Gematic Avanti 1600 oil applicator roller (1989)
  • Stainless Steel dose dying drums, 3m diameter (6-off)
  • Italprogetti 1.5m diameter dying drum
  • Steni stainless steel dying drums 2kg to 40kg (18-off)
  • GER Soft 1600 surface measuring machine (1997)
  • Chemi Flow adaption control dispensing vessel (2-off)
  • Erretre Inox 2500 HDTUP CT2  & AMBRA NI Bovine drying drums (3-off)
  • Haitun SWAB01-200 tumble dryer (2022)
  • Fratelli Carlessi 12 head pastel & white & colour hide spray system (2006 & 2001, 2-off)
  • Tomboni pattern press (2006)
  • Krause CPH 15 &  CPH07-750 press (2-off)
  • GFP perforating press
  • Murphy Slowcombe staking machines
  • Forni Varese Quick 14 Super toggling line (1984)
  • GER Quick C2100, LOTO/S 3200 & 1600 iron (2019, 2003 & 1986, 3-OFF)


  • Omac TinGicinture belt dying machine (2007-2015, 4-off)
  • Omac 860 Refintrice double ended brushing machine (2015)
  • Omac LB 460R Lissabordi hot glazing machine (2015)
  • Omac Rifilatrice 302 trimming machine (2010)
  • Omac Precision Rotativator (2013)
  • Omac Heated press / embossing machine
  • Assorted sewing machines and overhead lockers (23-off)
  • DTS 5906 curing tunnel (2020)
  • Dafeng Shoes Machining DF-863 digital control 4 head shoe press (2020)
  • Dafeng DF-867A system head shoe press (2020)
  • JTM 880/5A manual press
  • Fortuna AB302E & BSM470 splitting machines (1997 & 1995, 2-off)
  • Hawkes Technical SE15 heated presses (2-off)
  • Braithwaite N2AA heated iron press, serial no. 0113069
  • Marshall 3000 embossing machine (2001)
  • Range of assorted lab testing equipment 

Engineering & Woodworking Equipment

  • Ajax M002 turret mill with adjustable head & 2 axis digital read out
  • Elliott Concord 450 gap bed lathe 
  • Colchester Bantum lathe with quick change tool post, 3 jaw chuck
  • Weber CP20 20 ton garage press
  • REMS Magnum threading tool machine
  • Wadkin Bursgreen 32B 61471 bandsaw
  • Winmax CF-25 pillar drill
  • Dominion circular bench saw with fitted planer thicknesser
  • Britarc mig welder
  • Tradisarc 131i arc welder
  • ACDC 350 welding power source
  • Meddings A10/3 pillar drill
  • Internal Transport 
  • JCB TLT30D4x4 teletruck with rotator forks (2015)
  • Yale ERP15RCF E1934 triple mast battery operated forklift truck
  • Genie GS-1932 personnel scissor liftEscalift Bex 50 personnel lift, capacity 181kg (1990)
  • Pallet trucks, mobile trollies etc

Factory Equipment

  • Ingersoll Rand R55n Nirvana VSD (2019)
  • Orwak 8020 baler (1996)
  • Over 180 bays of pallet and stores racking
  • Over 50 mobile hide trollies
  • 20ft and 40ft export type shipping containers
  • Dust extraction systems

Motor Vehicles

  • Ford S-Max Titanium (66-Plate)
  • Hyundai Tucson (57- plate)

Range of assorted manufactured leather, raw materials and finished goods

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