Bidders - Prior to the sale end

Why am I pending approval?
  • You will need approval for each auction you sign up to. This is a manual process within office opening hours, Monday to Friday 8am -5pm, excluding bank holidays.
  • Allow enough time to sign up and be approved to bid in the sale as any pending bids placed in the last few minutes of a sale ending may not take effect.
  • If your account has been blocked or banned, you may need to contact us for further assistance. Please allow enough time to resolve any issues.
  • All overseas bidders will be sent an email that outlines the sale terms and requests the bidder to reply, agreeing they can meet the sale deadlines and confirming their contact details and VAT number (EU only) so they can be approved to bid. Please allow enough time for this process.
  • While you’re waiting for approval you can place pending bids on lots, which will only take effect once you have been approved. 
  • Once you have been approved you will receive notification. We recommended checking your bids placed once you have been approved.
I’m having difficulties adding a credit or debit card.
  • If you are having difficulties verifying your card number, you may need to reset your password with your card provider.
  • If you are having difficulties adding a card to your account and are encountering a system error message, please contact us for assistance.
Why is my bid not being accepted?
  • Have you registered and signed up to bid for the sale?
  • Have you been approved to bid? If you have placed a pending bid on a lot, this won’t become active until you have been approved. 
  • Are you trying to place a bid which is off increment? Each lot has a specific increment, so please make sure that your bid, even if a maximum bid, is a multiple of this increment.
  • Have you placed a bid lower than the starting price? If so, it will not be accepted. Please increase your bid to the starting price.  
Can I buy the item before the sale ends?
As a rule we do not sell items as ‘buy it now’ on our sales. However, you can place a maximum bid that will automatically increase on your behalf if another bid is placed against that lot. It will only increase by the increment for that lot if another bidder places a bid. 
Can I bid less than the starting bid?

No, the system will not permit bids for less than the stated bid amount for the lot.  

I bid on a lot in the last few seconds; why is bidding continuing?

If a bid is placed within the last 10 minutes of the lot closing, bidding will continue for a further 10 minutes until the final bid is placed. This is to prevent ‘sniping’.

What happens if I bid on a lot in error?
Please note we require enough time to review requests and retract bids. As soon as you notice the error, contact us by email on mbaaccounts@lsh.co.uk to advise the lot in question and your reason for retracting your bid. If you have bid in error within the last 10 minutes of a lot closing please urgently call us on +44 (0)23 8046 1643 so that we can try to retract your bid in time.
What is a watch list and how does it work?
  • A watch list helps to monitor lots in a sale, so if you do not want to bid straightaway you can keep an eye on the lot and bid nearer the time.  
  • To watch an item, click on the blue ‘Add to watchlist’ link for the lot in question on the main lot listing.  
  • To view the items you are currently watching, go to ‘Your account’ and select ‘Watchlist’.
How do I know if I’m winning a lot or have been outbid?
  • On the left-hand side of the lot, you can see if you are leading on a lot or have been outbid.
  • You will also receive email notifications.
What is a maximum bid and how does this work?
  • A ‘maximum bid’ is the maximum net amount you are prepared to pay for that lot. Please note that VAT and fees will be added on top of this amount.
  • Once a maximum bid has been placed, other bidders may bid up to or over your maximum amount.  You can reduce your maximum bid, but only as low as the current price showing for that lot.  Alternatively, you can increase your maximum bid at any time before the lot ends.
What do the following terms mean?
  • Increment = The set next amount needed to be bid on.
  • Reserve = The amount (net) that the client is prepared to accept as the winning bid for that lot. If the reserve is not met when the lot closes, the manager dealing with the sale will contact the highest bidder first to see if a value can be agreed for that item.
  • Hammer price = The net price the lot is sold for (VAT and fees will be added on top).
  • Maximum bid = The maximum net amount you are prepared to pay for that lot.  
  • After sale = The sale of an unsold lot once the auction has ended.
  • Buyer’s premium = The percentage for sale charges (net), which is added on top of the hammer price.
What charges do I have to pay if I am successful?

If you are successful you will be required to pay the buyer’s premium plus VAT on top of the hammer price. If the lot description advises that a charge (lift out/deposit) applies to the lot, this will also be added – please refer to the lot description prior to bidding.

The lot says it’s VAT inclusive. What does this mean?
This means the hammer price when sold will include the VAT element. For example, if the item sells for £100.00, the VAT will be included in this value and netted back (£83.33 net plus £16.67 VAT). Any buyer’s premium and VAT will then be charged on the net value (i.e. on the £83.33). 
Should I view the lot or ask questions prior to bidding?
  • Viewing is highly recommended to ensure you are satisfied with the condition of the item. Please note that items may not advise certain specifications or be missing tooling, chargers, packaging, manuals, etc., so please check before bidding if unsure.
  • If you are unable to attend the viewing day and have a question regarding a lot, please contact us prior to bidding. 
How do I ask a question about a lot prior to bidding?

To ask a question, please go to the lot in question and click the ‘Ask a question’ link. Alternatively, please telephone us on (0)23 8046 1643 or email us: mbaaccount@lsh.co.uk

Any specific technical enquiries will be forwarded to the manager dealing with the sale to review and respond.

Can you place a bid for me?
  • You can get someone to register or bid on your behalf, but you must ensure you are fully aware of the lot details and sale terms and that your representative knows what to bid on and bidding limits. Any bids placed incorrectly cannot be retracted once the sale has ended.  
  • Alternatively, you can place a maximum bid on the lot in advance, reviewing your bids placed and increasing any maximum bids before you are unavailable. 
  • We are unable to place bids or accept offers over the telephone.  
What payment methods do you accept?
  • The payment methods we accept are by bank transfer (BACS/Chaps), although some sales will permit cash payments taken to site during collection to a certain limit. This will be stated on the sale.  
  • Please note that we do not have the facilities in place to accept credit or debit card payments (the card used when registering to bid is for name and address validation purposes only).
  • Purchasers who make over-the-counter payments at the bank will have their collection stalled until the payment has been confirmed as a legitimate cash payment.
  • The bank account and payment details will be provided on the covering email that accompanies your pro-forma invoice confirming the amount due.   

Bidders - Once the sale has ended

Have I won the lot?
  • When the sale has ended, select the ‘Won lots’ option listed in the ‘Your account’ drop down, located in the top right of the screen.  
  • As per the sale terms, all winning bidders will be notified by email usually the working day after the sale has closed, as soon as we have received the confirmation to invoice. You will not receive an email notification as soon as the lot has ended.
  • Invoices are sent by email, using the email address you registered with. The bank details for payment will be in the main part of the email, as well as collection information. The invoice will be attached.
  • If you have not received your invoice, please check your junk email in the first instance. Also check which email address you registered with in case this differs (i.e. an old email being used).
I bid on a lot, which didn’t meet reserve. What happens now?
If you bid on a lot, which closed not meeting its reserve, the manager dealing with the sale will contact you once the sale has ended to see if a value can be agreed for that item.
What happens to any unsold lots?
If there are any unsold lots we will initially upload these to our website and email the approved bidders in the sale, inviting best and final offers to be sent to the manager dealing with the sale by a specific date and time. A copy of the unsold lot list will also be available on site and any remaining unsold items may be agreed and sold on site at the point of collection.
The lot advises a deposit needs to be paid. How does this work?
If the lot description advises a refundable deposit is required to make the area safe after collection, for example, this will be added to the total amount due on the invoice. Once paid in full and the lot has been removed safely from site with the area made safe, the manager will then advise this deposit to be refunded. At this point we will contact you to arrange the refund. If it is agreed on site or with the manager that the deposit is to be forfeited, we will be advised accordingly and you will not be refunded.
Can I change my email address on my account?
If you wish to change your email address, please telephone us on (0)23 8046 1643 or email us on mbaaccounts@lsh.co.uk.
I have been charged a mandatory lift out fee. Do I have to pay this?
If the lot advises that a mandatory lift out fee applies, this will need to be paid. The lift out is usually done by an approved contractor on site, who has been appointed to ensure all items are dismantled and taken safely to the purchaser’s vehicle. Please note that it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the items are securely fastened prior to leaving the site.
I am arranging finance for my goods. What needs to be done?
  • If you are arranging for your items to be financed, please advise us before you bid so that we are aware.  
  • Please ensure the finance company will be able to meet the payment deadline as this and the collection dates cannot be extended. 
  • Please ensure that you satisfy yourself of all required information for your finance company, such as model/serial numbers, year of manufacture, etc. Please ask in advance for any missing details before the bidding or sale ends, as missing information may affect your finance request. Viewing is highly recommended.
  • As soon as you receive your invoice, please ensure your finance company makes immediate contact with us so that the relevant invoice can be raised promptly. If this is delayed, your collection period may be reduced. Please ensure you keep in contact with both the finance company and us to ensure that you meet the relevant sale deadlines.  
  • Please note that if your finance fails and payment is not made, the default will sit with you.
When can I collect? Where can I find the collection details and who to contact on site?
The collection dates and times are advised on the covering email that accompanied your invoice. This information is also located in the ‘Important information’ link on the sale, as well as the advert on our website and in the sale catalogue.
What do I need to take with me when I collect?
Please take a copy of your invoice to show the items you have purchased, as well as any required PPE to access the site. If the sale specifically requests ID please ensure you take this with you when you collect. If someone else is collecting for you, please ensure they take the relevant paperwork/PPE with them so they know what they are collecting.
The sales require PPE. Can I borrow this? Will I be allowed on site without it?
Access to the site will be denied without PPE (hi viz, protective safety shoes, plus any other specific safety equipment where stated). Some sites may have spare hi viz jackets but please check with the site prior to collection. 
Will there be anyone on site who can assist me with my collection?
  • Staff on site will be unable to assist with carrying items to your vehicle, so please ensure you bring help if required.  
  • Please ensure your vehicle is suitable to transport the item and that you have any required tooling or equipment to assist with your removal.
Will there be a forklift on site to help me load my items?
Purchasers should ensure they bring any relevant removal equipment and supporting certification for that equipment to site when they collect. Sometimes a certified forklift may be retained on site for use, which will only be used by the site representative or a certified person if agreed. Please ensure the relevant enquiries are made prior to bidding to ensure you can remove the item if successful. Please note that if the item is not certified or the collection person has no certification, the lifting equipment must not be used. 
Can you post or deliver items to me?
As per our sale terms and conditions, Lambert Smith Hampton does not undertake packaging, postage, delivery or shipment of goods. The bidder must make his or her own arrangements to comply with the clearance terms.
Can I arrange for a colleague, friend or a courier to collect my items for me?
  • A friend or colleague can indeed collect on your behalf. When they collect please ensure they bring a copy of your invoice to show the items you have purchased, as well as any required PPE to access the site. If the sale specifically requests photo ID, please ensure they take this with them as well.
  • If a courier is arranged, please ensure they have a copy of your invoice so they know what they are collecting, along with the required PPE to access the site and any photo ID if requested. Please ensure the porter on site is made aware and that the courier knows to collect within the set dates and times.  Please be aware that items will not be packaged and that the courier is aware of this. There are no printing facilities on site so it may be difficult to print labels, so the courier may need to take any labels with them.   
What happens if I’ve paid but cannot collect on time?
If you have not collected your goods by the final stated date or time, no further access to site will be available and your goods will be forfeited, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the sale manager in advance of the clearance ending.   
I need to provide a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS)? How do I do this?
  • Once the invoices have been emailed to all successful purchasers, anyone who is required to provide a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) prior to the collection of their goods will be emailed templates and instructions to assist them should they not have their own templates to use.
  • This documentation is to advise the manager, site representative or health and safety representative how you intend to remove the lot safely from the site and the equipment or certification you have in place to do this. 
  • Please forward this as soon as possible, allowing enough time for the manager or health and safety representative to review and respond and for any further information or documentation to be provided prior to collection within the set clearance dates and times.  
I need to sign a declaration. Why do I need to do this? How do I do this?
  • Some lots may advise that there is a health and safety requirement needed to be made prior to the first use of this item and that the purchaser needs to sign a declaration to say that they will get the item tested prior to use. We ask for a declaration to be signed to confirm you understand that the item requires testing and that you will ensure that this is done.  
  • If the lot description advises that a declaration needs to be signed, a copy of this declaration form will be emailed to you as soon as your pro-forma invoice and payment/collection details have been emailed to you. Please sign and return by email where possible, although a copy will also be attached to your pro-forma invoice on site and can be completed and signed at the point of collection.  Alternatively, you can take a signed copy with you upon collection and hand it to the porter at the site.


I am exporting, so why do I have to pay a deposit equal to the VAT?
LSH is not a direct exporter and has no control over the goods once they leave the site. A deposit of VAT is held so we can give satisfactory evidence to HMRC that the goods have been removed from the UK.
I am collecting and exporting the goods myself. What documents do I need to supply as proof of export?

Usually, if you are handling the collection and export of goods this means they will be travelling by road or ferry, to be collected by the purchaser. In this case, you will need to give the purchaser the following documents:

The CMR note – this must be a legible, original non-negotiable copy, which states the following:

  • LSH’s details as the exporter
  • Collection address
  • Purchaser’s details
  • A full list of equipment
  • Registration of the vehicle
  • LSH invoice number
  • Date of collection from site
  • Haulage company (if applicable)
  • Date of delivery, signed/stamped by purchaser

A completed LSH pro-forma certificate of shipment by the purchaser

I am instructing a haulage company or freight forwarder to arrange the removal. What documents do I need to supply as proof of export?

The documents you need will depend on the way the goods are being removed from the UK. If you are transporting goods by road, the haulage company should supply a CMR and the details listed above will apply. You will also need to provide:

  • Certificate of shipment from the haulage company
  • A copy of the haulage company’s invoice to the purchaser if possible – this confirms the connection
  • A completed LSH pro-forma certificate of shipment by the purchaser

If you have instructed a freight forwarder, this generally means the goods are being shipped. In this case you will need to supply a Bill of Lading – this must be an original non-negotiable copy, which states the following:

  • LSH’s details as the exporter
  • Collection address
  • Purchaser’s details
  • Full list of equipment – abbreviations aren’t accepted, such as just “machinery”
  • Container number or seal number
  • LSH’s invoice number
  • Date of collection from site
  • Shipper’s details
  • Date of shipment

A completed LSH pro-forma certificate of shipment by the purchaser

A copy of an export declaration – a document supplied by customs in the country the goods have been exported to

I am shipping my goods along with other goods I have bought in the UK. What documents do I need to supply as proof of export?

This normally applies to purchasers who are shipping their goods via a freight forwarder. In this instance a Bill of Lading (BOL) will be required. The BOL generally details all the equipment bought and shipped whether from an LSH sale or another seller. In this instance, you will need to supply: 

A Certificate of Shipment from the freight forwarder that details the list of equipment sold by LSH, along with the invoice number

A completed LSH pro-forma certificate of shipment by purchaser

Valid transport paperwork, such as one of the following:

  • Road freight: CMR consignment note
  • Sea freight: Bill of Lading
  • Air freight: Airway bill
  • Postal freight: Commercial invoice
  • Private vehicle: Freight in baggage declaration (SAD Form C88)

Which can be supported by:

  • Customs declaration (Customs entry form)
  • Freight forwarder’s certificate of shipment
  • Travel invoice/Ferry booking confirmation/Boarding card
  • Packing list (Mandatory)
  • Delivery receipt
  • Self-certification letter

It is not necessary to supply every document listed above, but providing as much documentation as possible supports the claim for zero rating.

I am in the EU and can supply a valid VAT number, so why do I still need to pay a deposit equal to the VAT?
Even though countries are in the single market, LSH still collects a deposit equal to the VAT in case satisfactory proof of export has not been received. This is in order to prevent the risk to LSH.
How long will it take before I receive the VAT refund?
Once satisfactory proof has been received, a refund can be arranged within 24/48 hours.
How quickly do I have to supply the paperwork?
The goods must be exported within three months of the date of supply and valid evidence of export must be received by LSH within one month of the date of the export.
I am resident in the UK but I am exporting the goods. What do I need to do?
Purchasers registering for online auctions using a UK address must provide a non-UK address, which will become the purchaser/invoice address. All evidence of export must be supplied as stated above and the non-UK address is the principal address on all the paperwork.

Purchasers need to be advised that any refund of VAT will be sent to the non-UK purchaser.
Can LSH arrange the shipment and transport?
LSH does not arrange the shipping and transport but can suggest a service provider if required. However, LSH does not accept any liability for third party transactions and this must be stated in any information provided in this instance.
Will the goods be packed or palletised?
LSH does not pack or arrange packing of goods. We can suggest a service provider, but the above will apply.

If the goods are small, this may be something the porter can organise, but this will have to be clarified with the case manager or porter.