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A method of and apparatus for monitoring electrolyte concentration

Location: UK

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Right to Pursue - Intellectual property, including Registered Trademarks and Patent (UK) relating to: "a method of and apparatus for monitoring electrolyte concentration"


  • When produced and fitted to an internal combustion engine, the product can significantly reduce the production of emissions.
  • Apparatus for monitoring the concentration of electrolyte, particularly when monitoring electrolyte concentration in a hydrogen generator for an engine.
  • Additional various worldwide Trademarks/Patent applications in process.
  • Known to be used in hydrogen fuel enhancement to assist with lowering fuel emissions, a process whereby hydrogen and conventional hydrocarbon fuel is added to an internal combustion engine.
  • Includes an electrical power supply circuit for supplying power to the electrolytic cell, in use.
  • Current amount spent on research and development: £80,000.
  • Ability to be fitted to new/existing combustion engines.
  • Available for diesel, petrol or LPG various engine sizes.
  • Available associated Trademarks (UK registered)
    Mark type: Figurative
    Mark Text: CGON
    Classes: 12

    Mark type: Word
    Mark text: eZero
    Classes: 1, 4, 12

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