Business rates: Risk management and budgetary advice

Business rates are a complex form of tax. To organise, check and predict the effect of business rates across your commercial property portfolio, you need professional advice.

It’s only by undertaking a forensic initial analysis of business rate burdens that you can take the proper steps towards rate mitigation and liability management.

Planning ahead and timing it right

We are committed to limiting ratepayer risk. Our experience and accounts expertise tells us when it is time to act in what is a highly bureaucratic system of notices, demands and legal rate recovery.

Our bespoke software and accounts expertise provides you with the tools you need to accurately plan ahead, taking into account the full range of exemptions, allowances, transitional calculations, certifications and the impact of future change.

Identifying opportunities throughout the process

Business rates costs increase year on year. Our ‘Impact Analysis’ approach to cost anticipation is key to knowing where the opportunities lie for making savings (historic, current and future).

Our budgetary expertise is harnessed to our business rates management audit team and our local surveyors so we can provide you with a complete end-to-end business rate mitigation service.

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