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    For Sale or To Let
    General Retail, Chorley, PR7

    Peter House
    Peter Street

    PR7 2RP

    Reference 3542

    Type General Retail

    Tenure Freehold / Leasehold

    Size5,565 sq ft (517 sq m)

    Rent £8.98 per sq ft (£96.71 per sq m)

    Annual Rent £50,000

    Contact LSH Surveyor

    Jonathan Netley
    Jonathan Netley
    Director - Retail & Leisure

    0161 242 8067


    •Peter House is currently fitted out as office premises, being sub-divided into a number of different rooms. The existing configuration can be utilised for office use, or altered to create an open plan layout, suitable for a variety of commercial and residential uses. The property comprises a yard and there are car parking spaces to the side and rear of the premises.

    Ground Floor2921.00 Sq FtTo Let
    First Floor1944.00 Sq FtTo Let
    Basement Anc700.00 Sq FtTo Let

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